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Little India Precinct

“Little India Precinct” is approved during City of Parramatta’s Council’s meeting. Attached is the final blueprint of the area to be branded as “Little India” of the suburb Harris Park. It will be a historic day on June 15th, 2021, for Harris Park Businesses, Little India  Australia.

Taking into account the consultation and community feedback, it is recommended that the use of “Little India”, be limited to a defined trading area of Marion and Wigram Streets and Station Street East, where the related businesses operate.

In order to use the aforementioned streets in Harris Park, Council will provide a strict communication and campaign framework to ensure its appropriate use consistency of application and to protect the City Brand equity.


Proposal for “India Gate” in Harris Park (NSW), AKA Little India Precinct.
Mr Manish Gupta, Consul General of India, Sydney, visited “Little India” (Harris Park), to meet businessmen of the area under the leadership of Mr Gurmeet Tuli, President of Little India Australia, to brand the “Little India” precinct and Mr Gupta proposed to install India Gate in the area.

To promote “Little India” as a tourist attraction and develop a strong relationship between tourists and local businesses.

To promote vibrant Indian culture and to celebrate festivals.

To generate referrals for economic development in the “Little India” precinct and maintain business networks.

Little India Australia welcomes Andrew Charlton's 3.5 millions commitment to development of LITTLE INDIA PRECINCT around wigram street, Harris Park!

The former Treasurer of Australia , Josh Frydenberg, visited “Little India” in Harris Park”.
Several great business and trade topics were discussed and  the obstacles and other issues that may arise, as well as the great “Trade Agreement Deal” between Australia and India, one of the great milestones achieved by both Governments that is going to help  retailers, importers, exporters  and ultimately the Indian-Australian community.